GoT season finale premiere month has been announced; read to know

After a series of speculations, the date of release of ‘Game of Thrones’ season finale or season 8 has been announced.

Yesterday, the popular television channel, HBO confirmed that the season will premiere in April next year. A teaser trailer of the finale was also released along with the announcement and some posters.

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In one of the earlier reports, HBO disclosed that the series would come back next year, however, the exact month of release has been announced now. If you look at the history, every season of Game of Thrones has been premiered in April excluding the last season.

Season 8 of GoT will comprise six episodes that would be feature length. The fans of the series took a first look at some future episodes recently when the telecast channel disclosed a video giving a glimpse of all that is on offer in the programs to come.

According to some reports, the season 8 will open with Daenerys’ arrival to Winterfell. From the premiere month announcement, it seems that the season will air in May or June next year.

The crew and cast of the series took ten months to shoot the episodes which was one of the longest shooting period for the team. Two months of the shoot went in the big battle between the living and the dead.

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