World Diabetes Day 2018; steps to a healthy lifestyle

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World Diabetes Day 2018; steps to a healthy lifestyle

Latest statistics show that the number of people with diabetes is expected to rise to 522 million by 2030. 1 in 2 people with diabetes remain undiagnosed. It is one of the most common forms of illnesses found across the world and a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation. In 2016, an estimated 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes.

As the world celebrates World Diabetes Day on 14th of November, it is time to understand the meaning of what this means to us.

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2018 and 2019 is ‘The Family and Diabetes’.
The idea is to raise awareness of the impact that diabetes has on the family and support network of those affected. Also, to promote the role of the family in the management, care, prevention and education of diabetes.

A healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and avoiding tobacco use are ways to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.
Here are some ways in which daily lifestyle can be enhanced to prevent and control diabetes.

Eat well
Adapting you’re eating habits is most essential to control this disease, because what you eat affects your blood sugar. Get plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Choose non-fat dairy and lean meats. Limit foods that are high in sugar, carbs and fat. Sugar should be a strict no-no.

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Exercise well
A consistent routine of exercise and walk helps a lot. At least 30-40 minutes of activity should be followed.
An active lifestyle helps you by regulating the blood sugar. Weight check is crucial.

Live well
Apart from a good, balanced diet and regular exercise, it is also essential to keep a tab on a few other things –

Don’t avoid check-ups – keep a check on your sugar levels. See your doctor at least twice a year. Along with diabetes, it is essential to keep your cholesterol, blood pressure also under check.

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Alcohol and smoking – these are vices that do more harm than other things. If you smoke, your chance of getting related problems is even higher. It may be easier to control your blood sugar if you keep your alcohol intake under check. Alcohol can make your blood sugar go too high or too low. Check your blood sugar before you drink, and take steps to avoid low blood sugars. If you use insulin or take drugs for your diabetes, eat while drinking.

Be stress free – As difficult as it may sound, but being stress free helps. When you’re stressed, your blood sugar levels go up. And when you’re anxious, you may not manage your diabetes well. Try deep breathing, yoga.

Make every meal well-balanced – as much as possible, let your meals be a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables, proteins and fats. It’s especially important to pay attention to the types of carbohydrates you choose. Some carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are good for the body. These foods contain fibre that helps keep your blood sugar levels contained within the prescribed limits.

Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages – Those sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or sucrose cause blood sugar to rise quickly. Hence avoid.

This World Diabetes Day, lest pledge to control with a change in our lifestyle.


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