Try these hacks to make your bachelorette more exciting

Try these hacks to make your bachelorette more exciting

If your wedding is round the corner and you are amidst planning your functions, a bachelorette and bachelor’s party these days is taken absolutely seriously and every bride or groom organise this party or a trip before their wedding.

The purpose behind a bachelorette is to enjoy the life for a night or few days before getting married and be free of all barriers for those days or hours. It is usually organised by the bride’s sisters and friends for her.

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While this concept is not new, there are some ways to make the bachelorette more exciting and fun.

Think of a unique colour

While you plan your dress for your bachelorette, make sure that the colour to go for should be the kind that no one else would think of. If you think that your guests would wear bright colours, adorn yourself in dull and nude shades, and vice versa. How about donning a white or beige dress for your occasion?

Accessorize yourself well

Props you use for your function should be dedicative of you being the bride-to-be such as crowns, caps, sashes, glasses, and more. A hen night would be just incomplete without the right props.

Recoup in style

When you are preparing for the wild night, also plan for the next day when you wake up with a hangover. Stocking up eye masks and hip flasks could be a great idea to recoup in style after a boozy night. These are also good gifting options for the bride.

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