Netflix hack lets you control its app with your eyes

If Netfix has its way, you will soon navigate, browse through, and select titles on the app with only your eyes without ever reverting to finger-touch control. The funny part is to pause or close a screen, you’ll have to stick out your tongue.

This feature – ‘Eye Nav’ created by Ben Hands, John Fox, and Steve Henderson was revealed at Netflix’s fall 2018 Hack Day on Nov 7. It uses Apple’s Face ID to allow users to control the application using only eye and facial movements.

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Using Apple’s ARKit, the same technology that enables Face ID, it allows users to navigate Netflix’s iOS app using their eyes and facial expressions.

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This new feature could make Netflix easier to use for those with motor impairments.

“We used eye tracking to move the pointer around the screen, and measured the time spent on the same area to trigger the equivalent of a tap. We then used a facial gesture (tongue sticking out) to dismiss a screen,” they explained.

The group hopes that the tech can become a part of mainstream Accessibility APIs in the future.

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