Best advice for your early 20’s

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A lot has been said about India’s demographic profile in terms of youth population.

As facts go the India’s Census 2011, Youth (15-24 years) in India constitutes one-fifth (19.1%) of India’s total population.

A report by UN in 2014 and a recent report by Livemint in 2017 states that India is a very young country and half of its population is under the age of 25.

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The youth in India has the ‘power’ to change. To bring this change a lot of pressure from the ‘state’ & ‘society’ is seen all around the country. Popular culture too in some way impacts the youth of the nation.

Photo credits: Pradeep Gaur/ Mint


Therefore, young people choose to move within their home countries as internal migrants or beyond their national borders as international migrants. Majority of migrants stay in their own countries as internal migrants.

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The reasons for youth migration may vary from person to person and region to
region. A combination of several major factors leads to the decision to migrate.
Personal considerations, socio-economic circumstances, political situation in
the country of origin, academics & employment.

The idea of being an ‘adult’ or ‘adulting’ is truly terrifying. One moment you’re living under your parents’ roof, being fed three meals a day and walking into a clean home. The next moment you’re living on your own, being forced to take control of your own life, cook, clean, pay taxes and more.

Living away from home is a new ballgame altogether. There is little to no training or manual on how to be an adult.

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However, there are steps we can take to deal with adulting;

  • Take responsibility 

If you want to make a place for yourself in this world, you have to accept where you are in life right now. By taking responsibility, you can control it to go how you want it to go.

  • Start saving

Try to make a budget for every month. Even if you’re not in a position to be saving money because you’re not making enough money, putting a little into your saving might also make all the difference.

Everyone knows being a student means being broke. A bit of budgeting can work wonders on making your money stretch. (Credits: University of Derby)
  • Make your own decisions 

You can’t rely on your parents to tell you what to do anymore. You have to start making decisions on your own.

  • The healthier the better
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Try to avoid oily, junk food and focus more on the healthier options available.

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