These ‘last moment’ pictures and videos of Indonesia plane crash are fake!

On 29th October, in an unfortunate event, Lion Air plane crashed into the sea near Jarkata, Indonesia.

Soon after the incident, several videos and pictures went online claiming to be the ‘Lat moment’ before the plane crashed.

One such post was shared with a picture of a baby claiming that ‘ This baby is the only survivor from the Indonesian airline crash was found floating the day after. His mom secured his life jacket very well.’

Similarly, a video claiming to be footage filmed by one of the passengers was also circulated. The caption read ‘Unbelievable live stream footage taken by a passenger on aboard the downed Indonesian Lion air flight minutes before the crash.189 passengers and crew died on board.’

The post was shared numerous times on social media.

Fact Check

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Spokesperson of Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency took it to twitter to call out the hoax messages.

He posted, Banyak postingan foto di media sosial bahwa ada bayi penumpang pesawat JT-610 yang selamat. Foto bayi ini adalah bayi yang selamat dari tenggelamnya kapal KM Lestari Maju, di Perairan Selayar, pada Selasa 3/7/2018. Jadi info tersebut adalah Hoax. Jangan menyebarkan hoax. ( Rough translation– A lot of people are posting photos of a baby on social media saying that this baby was on the passenger plane JT-610. This baby survived the sinking of the ship KM Sustainable going forward, in the waters of Selayar, on Tuesday 3/7/2018. So the info is a Hoax. Don’t spread the hoax. )

Sutopo also warned people about the other videos and pictures that are a hoax.

When translated online, the text roughly translated to –  This video is NOT a passenger aircraft of Lion Air JT 610. But of a passenger aircraft of Lion Air Jakarta-Padang 353 JT that experienced turbulence and all passengers survived some time ago. No video/photo condition of passengers before JT 610 crashed. Don’t join the spread the hoax.

He also requested people on the internet to not spread such fake news.

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