Should you invite co-workers to your wedding?

Should you invite co-workers to your wedding?
Should you invite co-workers to your wedding?

Wedding planning is a very stressful job. From venue selection, to shopping and trousseau, and guest list planning, there is a lot that goes into arranging a wedding. One of the major attributes of planning a wedding is the guest list and it becomes a task for the couple and families to decide on that list of people who they should invite and should not invite. After family, relatives, and friends come co-workers which makes the list more complicated.

It is important to ask yourself the question regarding who to invite from your workplace and if at all anyone from your office should be invited?

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Here are some points to consider when adding co-workers to your wedding guest list.

  • Are you real friends with your co-workers?
  • Do you hangout with co-workers outside office?
  • Are they such people with whom you hangout on weekends and make other plans?

If these questions are answered in yes, then it would be a good idea to have them as a part of your guest list.

  • Are the co-workers only with you in your work hours, lunch hours and events during office?
  • Is it a small team or a big bunch or colleagues?

In case, of the time spent together, if you are inviting your colleagues with whom you hangout, it can at times be embarrassing for those left out with whom you don’t hangout, so if you invite your close colleagues, it is a good idea to extend an invite to the work friends as well.

So either invite everyone or skip all of them. For your bosses, you could take a call on the basis of your relationship with them. However, extending an invite to them could be just a thoughtful gesture, even if they are formal with you.


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