World Cities Day 2018 celebrates the top ten cities for millennials

October 31st is celebrated as World Cities Day. As we celebrate growth, infrastructure and cities in general across the world, it is imperative to understand what do the millennials think about intercity movement, country jumps etc.

The latest research by Nestpick, claims that the new age kids are not afraid to relocate halfway across the world for the right opportunities and experiences. They have created the Millennial City Ranking for the second year in running, to figure out those cities which attract the maximum youngsters to their doorsteps.
Nestpick analysed 100 cities, taking four main concerns into consideration: Is there work available? Can you afford to live a good life? Is the city open and tolerant? And finally, can you have fun? Millennial City Ranking, is an annual global index founded by Nestpick, a website for furnished apartments operating worldwide.

Within these larger categories, they looked into micro factors such as internet speedy, gender equality, the startup ecosystem, quick progression and other exciting opportunities.

World Cities Day, is a day when the concept of one large village, urbanisation and factors that promote sustainable living are spoken about.
The overall World Cities Day theme is Better City, Better Life and 2018’s theme is Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities.
Here are the top 10 best cities for millennials, according to the Nestpick survey:

1.Berlin, Germany
At the heart of cultural, political and historical activity, Berlin is the new ‘go to’ place for millennials. The environment is stimulating and enhances the cultural dialogue, so required in today’s times.

2.Montréal, Canada
This got high marks for start-up culture, immigration tolerance and festival ranking. People like this city for its lifestyle affordability, recreation and openness.

3.London, United Kingdom
Has always been a favourite. Ranked high on startup culture, tourism, university education, LGBT tolerance and nightlife.

4.Amsterdam, Netherlands
It made it to the top 10 for innovation. People found it an accommodating city for tourism, LGBT, personal choice and freedom and festival culture.

5.Toronto, Canada
An efficient public transport, easy immigration laws, personal choice and festivals help make it to the top ten. Canada’s financial hub and North America’s fourth-largest city is the place to be in.

6.Vancouver, Canada
A place where the weather conditions, the beautiful surroundings and the culture of tolerance, freedom and employability are immensely high.

7.Barcelona, Spain
The capital and the most famous place in Spain is proud for its nightlife, tourism and start up dominance.

8.New York City, USA
Despite the fact that it’s an expensive place to live in, it is still a place that young people want to be in. The housing trends, employment statistics and access to amenities are some of the reasons.

9. Cologne, Germany
Apart from the beer, Cologne is well known for its art culture, food and standard of life that people in general have.

10. Manchester, United Kingdom
The second largest city in the UK, and the sixth largest city in Europe, is home to universities that are world renowned. It is a well-equipped city and boasts of a tolerant and warm orientation towards to LGBT.


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