Hyderabad techie robs a bank at gun point

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Hyderabad techie used toy pistol to rob a bank

A techie was arrested in Hyderabad after he tried to rob a bank at gun point

by swishing a toy pistol. The culprit has been identified as David Praveen, an ex-employee with Wipro in the city. He was pinned by the crowd after he looted Rs 2.5 lakh cash from Karur Vyasya Bank.

According to the police, Praveen wore a burkha and entered the bank at Manikonda at around 3:30 pm. After entering the branch, he pulled out the toy gun, pointing straight at the cashier and demanded the money. He threatened to kill the employee, if money was not given to him. Reportedly, he was also carrying a dummy bomb.

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Techie turned robber managed to rob an amount of 2.5 lakh and run out, but the bank officials and customers outside the bank pelted stones at him. He was handed over the police, according to media reports.

Praveen was given first aid and medical treatment as he received injuries from the attack. When asked the robber, he said that he had lost his job around four months ago and took this step to feed his family.

ACP N Shyam Prasad Rao quoted saying, “Four months ago he joined some other company, but the new management did not pay him salary. David claimed he could not pay rent and also pressure was mounting on him from his family as the fee of his two children was due. To come out of financial problems David hatched a plan to rob a bank.”

A case of robbery was registered against the accused under Section 392 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The complaint was based by the branch manager of the bank.

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