The Barter Week is here! Trade free stay nights for a skill

The Barter Week is here! Trade free stay nights for a skill
The Barter Week is here! Trade free stay nights for a skill

For ardent travellers, here is a piece of good news! For a week in November you can exchange your skills for a free night stay at a hotel across 60 countries and 450 hotels across the world.

Between November 19 to November 25, the economy travellers can experience this new initiative of getting free accommodation at some of the swankiest hotels in the world.

The signed up hotels will offer hospitality in exchange of services and goods instead of money. The services could include helping the hotels run their website, painting their walls, training the staff for a special skill, providing items such as pickles or sauces to hotels for their F&B department.

The hosts have listed their available rooms on the website along with requests or wishes and the interested guests can browse for the properties by selecting the country and can exchange directly without any cost.

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In case the listed property does not mention the desired service or goods, travellers are free to suggest their own services to offer. Depending on the hotels requirements, the service gets approved, rejected or negotiated.

Some of the leading participating hotels in Barter Week include II Querceto B&B in Perugia for guests to assist in the maintenance of the hotel, Palagetto Guest House in Florence for travellers who can set up a social media campaign for them, and 1720 Quinta da Cancela in Portugal for guests who can help out with stone masonry and landscape gardening.

A few others include Ferrieha Farmhouse in Gozo near Malta for guests who can update their website or create a piece of art for the property, and Al Battistero d’Oro B&B in Italy for guests who can film a promotional video for the accommodation.


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