‘We stand with Sabarimala devotees,’ says Amit Shah

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'We stand with Sabarimala devotees,' says Amit Shah

Kannur: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah on Saturday sharply criticised the Supreme Court verdict allowing entry of women of all ages inside Kerala’s Sabarimala shrine and advised the state governments and courts to give only those orders, which can be followed.

Addressing party workers here, Shah said, “I want to tell the state government and the court that they should give such orders, which can be followed. Such orders should not be made to break the faith of people. Article 14 is invoked but Article 25 and Article 26 allow me to live as per my religion, one fundamental right cannot override over the other fundamental right. Where there is a question of faith, BJP workers will firmly stand with devotees of Lord Ayappa.”

Terming the row over Sabarimala as a communist conspiracy, the BJP president also gave a stern warning to Kerala chief minister to stop suppression of Lord Ayappa devotees.

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“I am warning Chief Minister and the communist government of Kerala to not suppress the devotees of Lord Ayappa in the name of the Supreme Court verdict. I can quote many such judgements, which could not be implemented such as Jallikkatu verdict, not calling Azaan over loudspeakers was not implemented, restricting the height of Dahi-Handi was not implemented, Banaras Shia-Sunni cemetery controversy judgement was not implemented. So why are they running behind one judgement? The atrocities on devotees must be stopped,” he further added.

The BJP president also asserted that in India there are many temples where only women are allowed and men are not permitted.

Extending support to the Sabarimala devotees protesting against the apex court verdict, Shah said, “Kerala government is using oppressive force against devotees of Sabarimala devotees. Since 26th October over 2000 BJP, RSS, Nair Service Society (NSS), BGDC workers have been put in prison. These people have been put in jail under non-bailable offence pertaining to the Damage of Property Control Act; I want to ask the state government, whose property have these people damaged? The way Lord Ayappa’s devotees are being oppressed, the BJP stands firmly with them.”

He also demanded resignation from the Kerala Chief Minister saying that the state government has completely failed in providing relief to the flood-victims of Kerala who were affected by an unprecedented flood in over a century.

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