Why did this Meghan Markle dress get the internet buzzing?

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Meghan Markle in a stunning fashion misstep was pictured with the price tag still dangling from her dress.

Meghan Markle was pictured with the price tag still dangling from her dress in a glaring fashion misstep.

Meghan & Prince Harry

When Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in Tonga from Fiji on Thursday, spectators first took notice of her gorgeous red dress by ‘Self Portrait’ and then – spotted the tag that was peeking out in the vicinity of the dress’ hem.

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The royal couple is on tenth day of their 16-day tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand.

Markle looked absolutely radiant as she walked the red carpet with husband, Prince Harry. The Princess, pregnant with her first child, is on an official royal tour meeting.

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Pictures of Meghan stepping off a plane with the price tag attached to her dress created quite a buzz on social media. While many called it a rare fashion misstep, pointing out that the duchess has managed to look flawless through most of the royal tour, other assured her that she still looked great, with or without the tag.

Here is how people reacted as pictures of her with the dangling price tag began to create the buzz on the internet:

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