Seven experiences to tick off your bucket list before they disappear

Seven experiences to tick off your bucket list before they disappear
Seven experiences to tick off your bucket list before they disappear

It is a common fact that many tourist attractions in the world have become endangered and may soon become extinct due to the environmental effects, shortage of money, over-population or wars.

Do you have a long list of places to visit in the world? It is time to start visiting them one by one, and the sooner you plan a trip, the higher would be the chances of enjoying them and creating memories.

Here is a list of seven places to visit now before they disappear.

A dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A huge percentage, almost 93 per cent of the reef is getting destroyed by coral bleaching. The Great Barrier Reef attracts around 1.9 million tourists every year. In 2016, a renowned scientist Sir David Attenborough issued a warning saying that the Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger.

Touch the Kilimanjaro snow, Tanzania

The Snows of Kilimanjaro are set on the mountains of Kilimanjaro, a magnificent peak of Tanzania. However, now more than 85 per cent of the ice on the highest mountain in Africa has disappeared, and there is a prediction that by 2020 the entire ice on the Kilimanjaro peak will melt.

Roam in The Everglades, Florida

The vast west lands of the Everglades boast of a spectacular array of wildlife that includes around 350 species of birds. The site is now a part of the UNESCO danger list. Nutrient pollution causing loss of marine life and a resultant decline of marine species. This would be a lifetime experience for bird and animal lovers in the world.

Sail around Kiribati, Pacific Ocean

There are 33 coral islands in Kiribati, with central lagoons in 32 of them. For water sports, bird watching, and other activities, many tourists flock to these islands for a leisure vacation. However, with the water level rising, authorities have warned that the islands could disappear before the century ends. People living on these islands have already been sent to New Zealand which are signs that the warning bells may start ringing soon.

Laze in The Maldives

Also called the low-lying country on earth, these islands are prone to rise in sea levels which seems like a threat to them. There is a prediction that over the next 100 years, the Maldives could completely get submerged if the water levels continue to rise as they are currently. The Maldives has been a sought-after destination worldwide.

Watch soccer in Liverpool, England

Liverpool played a huge role in the growth and development of the British Empire. However, the port has now been added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage in Danger in 2012. Due to urban development and overpopulation, the port may change permanently and get destroyed.

Play with polar bears in the Arctic

To be up there in the Arctic with the polar bears is an unforgettable experience, but huge challenges are faced by the polar bears in case the sea ice of the northern hemisphere continues to melt. With the melting of ice, polar bears would find it difficult to spot seals which is their main source of food.


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