SC allows conditional sale of firecrackers; here’s all you need to know

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SC allows conditional sale of firecrackers; here's all you need to know

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to impose a complete ban on the manufacture and sale of firecrackers in the country in its verdict on the plea seeking a nationwide ban on firecrackers.

Here are the regulation imposed by the Supreme Court on sale of firecrackers:

  • Manufacturers are directed to stop the sale of those crackers that emit harmful gases
  • They are allowed to sell those firecrackers that are approved by the government in the country.
  • Only licensed traders are allowed to sell the crackers in the market
  • No e-commerce website will be allowed to sell crackers online.
  • Barium salts in firecrackers banned
  • SC bench has also directed the government to implement the appropriate suggestions to curb air pollution.
  • Even the crackers that are produced which do not fulfil the suggestions of the government will be banned
  • Cracker ban not confirmed to Diwali, although the ban is applicable to all religious festivals and marriages
  • Schools and colleges to be made aware of the harmful effects of firecrackers
    Firecrackers are allowed to be burst only in designated spaces

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The apex court had earlier, stated that the Article 21 (right to life) of Constitution applies to both segments of people (citizens and manufacturers) and thus, there is a need to strike a balance between the two, while considering a countrywide ban on firecrackers.

In 2017, ahead of Diwali, the top court had put a temporary ban on the sale of firecrackers to put a check on the level of pollution. While the manufacturers filed a plea in the court to sell the firecrackers for few days to earn some livelihood during Diwali, the apex court dismissed it, maintaining its verdict.

Meanwhile, according to recent reports, India has entered the list of world’s most polluted cities, fighting the battle with pollution at an alarming rate.

Due to the burning of crops during this season and increasing the use of fireworks, air pollution is reaching hazardous levels in the country.


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