UP: Man allegedly stoned to death by monkeys; family wants FIR

A man in Tikri village of Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh was allegedly stoned to death by a bunch of monkeys on October 17.

According to a report in news agency PTI,  the 70-year-old was sleeping near a stack of bricks when some monkeys came and started jumped on it. Soon, the stack of bricks collapsed and fell on Dharampal, leaving him injured. Dharampal later died in hospital.

While according to Times of India, the man had gone to fetch dry wood for ‘havan’ and was hurled with bricks on the head and chest by the monkeys.

The family of the deceased want to file an FIR against the monkeys.

Stating that this was no accident and the monkeys are the real culprit, Krishnapal Singh, the deceased’s brother told TOI, “Monkeys threw more than 20 bricks at Dharampal on Thursday. He was hit on the head, chest and legs. Thrown from quite a height, the bricks were enough to kill him. These rogue monkeys are the real culprits and must pay for it. We have given a written complaint against monkeys but police don’t seem to be convinced enough to convert it into an FIR.”



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