What’s the connection between parents’ education and kids health?

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There is a link between parents’ education and their child’s health. In fact it matters more than the parents’ income.

Researchers at the Rutgers University found that parental education beyond 12 years is associated with increase in the family’s health care spending and decrease in specific health conditions and poor health status, including hypertension, diabetes, and asthma.

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According to lead researchers, Alan Monheit and Irina Grafova, higher parental education is associated with increased spending on total health care on both children and parents, and was with sizable increases on ambulatory care spending for both family types.

Families headed by single mothers who had higher levels of education spent more for prescription drugs and dental care while two-parent families with more education spent more for dental care and mental health services.

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“Our study confirms the important association between the educational attainment of parents and the family’s access to and use of health care services,” said Monheit.

It supports the well-established ‘Grossman model of health demand,’ in which health is a ‘good’ that is inherited and increased by investments beyond the price of medical care, and depreciates over time as someone’s health naturally deteriorates over time.

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