Indian rupee now at 73.41 versus the US dollar

New Delhi: The Indian Rupee on Wednesday opened at 73.41 per dollar.

On Tuesday, the rupee had climbed 37 paise to close at 73.46 against Monday’s close of 73.83 per dollar.

The Rupee has been witnessing a downward trend owing to rising crude oil rates in the international market.

This surge has also contributed to a hike in fuel prices across the country. Fuel prices have been rising due to various reasons including rapid fall in rupee, high excise duty and surging crude oil prices.

However, fuel prices remained unchanged today. In New Delhi, petrol and diesel are retailing at Rs 82.83 per litre and Rs 75.69 per litre, respectively, same as the Tuesday’s price. In Mumbai, petrol is being sold at Rs 88.29 per litre, while diesel is retailing at Rs 79.35 per litre.


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