Chinese man adopts a ‘cute dog’ turns out to be a huge rat

Chinese man adopts a 'cute dog' turns out to be a huge rat

In what could be a comedy of errors, a lonely Chinese worker adopted a small pet dog to get rid of loneliness, but life had other plans set for him as he realised something wired about his new pet.

In a blog post, the man revealed that he found the dog when he visited his friend in China.

“It was dark at the time, and my friend could not see well,” wrote the man.

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After a few days, the man noticed that something was not right with his pet as his dog growing with very un-doglike traits and it had very little hair and also didn’t run like a dog.

Then he decided to post a picture of his pet online and then he found out that it was actually a bamboo-rat and not a dog.

Bamboo-rats are usually found in Southern China and they feed on Bamboo trees.

Reportedly, since he doesn’t know how to take care of the bamboo rat, the man decided to give away his pet.


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