Jaitley takes a dig at Rahul, dubs him clown prince, again

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Taking another swipe at the Congress President Rahul Gandhi, finance minister Arun Jaitley once again called him ‘Clown Prince’.

In a Facebook blog, posted on Tuesday, Jaitley recited an advice that many young lawyers get at the start of their career. “if you are strong on facts, bang the facts. If you are strong on law, bang the law. If you are weak on both, then bang the desk.” he quoted.

Talking about Gandhi, he said that it seems that Rahul Gandhi was advised to do the third, only to be accompanied by some false narrative. ” Those who advise Rahul Gandhi appear to have persuaded him that he is cut out only for the third option. Since beating the desk itself would not suffice, it has to be accompanied with a new narrative. If the factual narrative does not suit him then concoct an alternative. Repeat the false narrative a dozen times and convince yourself that falsehood is in fact is the truth,” the post read.

Prior to this, in his blog post ” Falsehood of a ‘Clown Prince’ “, dated September 20, Jaitley had called Gandhi a ‘Clown Prince’ and slammed him over the ongoing controversy over the Rafale deal.

Reacting to Jaitley’s statement, The Congress had then called him a ‘court jester’ writing ‘wasteful’ blogs.



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