World’s longest flight takes to the skies

World's longest flight takes to the skies
World's longest flight takes to the skies

After five years, Singapore has resumed the longest flight in the world. The flight has departed from Singapore and will land in New York, and the duration of the flight is 19 hours. Singapore Airlines stopped its operations for almost five years due to the high costs and over expensive ticket prices.

The flight number SQ22 departed at 15:37 GMT and has 150 passengers and 17 crew members. The first flight took off from the Changi Airport and will land at Newark International Airport in New York.

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The crew and pilot on the flight informed the passengers that the actual estimated duration of the flight is 19 hours, however, it could take two hours less and complete the trip in 17 hours non-stop.

The agents of Singapore Airlines said that customers and flyers demanded non-stop flight services to save the time of a stop-over. The difference between this and the normal flight is that there will no economy class available in it.

The business class ticket will include two meals with a choice of the serving time along with refreshments. It will also include a bed for the flyers to sleep in. On the other hand, the premium economy passengers will get three fixed meals and fixed times along with refreshments in between.



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