Self-styled godman Rampal found guilty, convicted in two murder cases

Haryana Court on Thursday convicted self-styled godman Rampal in two murder cases.

In 2014, Rampal and 27 of his followers were charged under section 302 (murder) and section 120B (criminal conspiracy) of Indian Penal Code after four women and a child were found dead in his Satlok Ashram in Hisar.

Rampal’s verdict was pronounced in a different way- via conferencing. The verdict was pronounced at the Hisar Central Jail, while Rampal was kept inside the prison only.

His sentence will be announced on 16 (deaths of four women and a child) and 17 October (2006 case relating to the death of a woman).

Born in September 1951, Rampal Singh Jatin once worked as an engineer in Haryana’s irrigation department. He renounced Hinduism and adopted Kabir Panth, a sect based on the teachings of medieval period poet-saint Kabir, after meeting Swami Ramdevanand.



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