#MeToo: Aspiring actress accuses Karim Morani, says was drugged, raped

#MeToo: Aspiring actress accuses Karim Morani, says was drugged, raped

A Delhi-based aspiring actress alleges that she was drugged and raped by producer Karim Morani. The survivor who shifted to Mumbai in 2014 knew Karim Morani’s family and recalled that in 2015, he called her up and said that he would come over for tea. The survivor said that during a function at the Morani household, she got in touch with Karim Morani, the girl gave this interview to NewsMobile partner Republic.

“Morani came home around 7pm with a bottle of wine. I didn’t drink but he forced me to drink. Next thing I know, I wake up at 4am. I was numb and shocked. Physically and mentally, I was in a state of shock. Karim was not there. I saw there were marks on my body when I woke up,” recounted the survivor.

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“I found the courage and called him next day. I confronted him and asked him – what did you do to me? I told him I’d call his wife and brother. He just laughed over the phone. Can’t forget that laughter. I felt helpless. I was 21,” said the survivor.

“Morani told me he clicked my pictures. He said if you try and call anyone, I’ll get you killed by the underworld. Morani was linked to the underworld,” recounted the survivor.

“He called me again in October 2015. He wanted me to go to Ramoji City. He would blackmail me saying he;’d get me eliminated by the underworld. I don’t doubt that he’s influential. I’ve seen it that he’s influential and I know he could have eliminated me.

“When I had a nervous breakdown, I contacted him and his family – I had hit rock bottom – I called his wife in 2016 – and I told her everything. She heard me out and hung up. Morani called me back after 2 minutes and I told him I wouldn’t back off. I texted his daughters and everyone in his family and told them this is what Morani had done,” she said.

She even filed a case against him and said: “I didn’t have a lawyer. I was told I’ll have access to Public Prosecutor (PP). PP told me I don’t have time to speak to you. In the district court, the judge asked me to get out. I didn’t leave the court and put my foot down. I broke down in the court. IO told me to write down all my charges and then he’d pass it on to the judge”. He then got an anticipatory bail.

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At last the survivor said, “I thought I should speak because people must know the truth. He has a voice, I don’t have a voice. This is the first time that someone wanted to help me, till now nobody’s even been willing to speak to me.”


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