‘Centre working towards welfare of farmers,’ says PM Modi

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Rohtak: Unveiling a 64-foot-tall statue of Sir Chhotu Ram on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the central government is making all efforts for the welfare of farmers, taking a cue from the peasant leader.

“Sir Chhotu Ram was one of those social reformers in the country who played an important role in the formation of India. He made certain laws for the benefit of farmers which are relevant even today. Just like him, the central government is constantly working towards the welfare of the farmers,” Prime Minister Modi said while addressing a rally.

“Everyone has the right to know about the person who did so much for the country. It is hard to understand why a personality like him was restricted to just one area. This did not affect the stature of Chaudhry sahab, but many generations have got deprived of taking a lesson from his life,” the Prime Minister added while eulogising Sir Chhotu Ram.

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Sir Chhotu Ram “always opposed the mindset of the Indian society towards girl child,” said Prime Minister Modi adding, “That is why despite all the pressures of society he stood firmly with his daughters.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi also laid the foundation stone of a Rail Coach Refurbishing and Rehabilitation factory in Sonipat.

“This Rail Coach factory is not just restricted to Sonipat. It will create job opportunities for the youth of Haryana,” Prime Minister Modi emphasised.


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