Find out what your smile says about your personality on World Smile Day

Find out what your smile says about your personality on World Smile Day
Find out what your smile says about your personality on World Smile Day

A smile is something that you may be able to hide, however, it is difficult to camouflage a grin. A smile can give describe a person’s personality in terms of the traits, lifestyle, and gestures. A warm, smiling face from someone can make your day. A grumpy face, on the other hand, can ruin your day.

Here are the different kinds of smiles and along with there interpretations.

Love smile

Usually, this smile is reserved for the person you love. This smile comes automatically to you when you fall in love and at that time nothing else matters.

Old friend smile

When you meet someone after a very long time, the smile before and while embracing that person is what we call the old friend smile.

Fake smile

This smile is used when you have to smile but don’t really feel like doing it. This usually happens are big gatherings where you do not know many people but are asked to meet them. The fact about this smile is that it easily gets noticed by people.

Smug smile

This is more a type of smile which is usually exchanged between two or more people who know things about each other but cannot understand what it really is.

Passive aggressive smile

This smile is that of power and the ones who have higher powers between you and the others usually carry it in front of each other. This could be between siblings or friends.

Little smile

This smile lasts just for a minute or two which is more like a smile of relief. For instance, you arrive home after a hard day at work, the smile that you have on your face on entering is that little smile. This is not just for home, but any place you love going to.

Victory smile

This is a smile which you get on your face on accomplishing something that you have been waiting for such as a job, a deal, a race, or a competition.

Sleepy smile

Imagine the fresh aroma of hot coffee in the morning from your bed! Such a feeling would make you smile even when you are half asleep. Even when you are dreaming, this kind of smile is usually seen, provided it is a sweet dream.

Malicious smile

This is a mischievous smile when someone you dislike is hurt or falls. It is more like a smile when you are taking a revenge from someone. Basically, when someone takes pleasure in the misfortunes and suffering of others.


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