Asked to get off the phone, Uber driver threatens to rape Kolkata singer

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A Kolkata-based singer was allegedly threatened with rape by an Uber driver when she asked him to get off the phone.

The 33-year-old singer was with her mother at the time of the incident. She noticed the driver was talking on mobile phone while driving and asked him to get off it and focus on the road.

Upon hearing her request, the driver reportedly got furious and started hurling abuses at the woman. Not just that, but he allegedly said he had the address of the woman and would barge into her house to rape her if she utters one more word.

Alarmed by the threat, she sought the help of a traffic sergeant when the cab stooped at the next traffic signal. Taking immediate actions, the traffic Sergeant seized the cab and arrested the driver on charges of attempt to molest and murder.

Following the incident, Uber apologised to the woman and assured her that proper action has been taken against the driver.




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