7 ways to prevent heart attacks in middle aged adults

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7 ways to prevent heart attacks in middle aged adults

Latest studies prove that adults in the age group of 40-50 are most prone to heart problems.

And this is a serious problem world over. Research states that middle-aged people have a 20-year window wherein they can improve their heart health and move beyond the sedentary lifestyle they might have led till now.

Consistency in exercising with a 4-5-day window each week, can lead to improved elasticity in blood vessels. Before the age of 45, there is a lot of plasticity that is naturally there but post that efforts need to be made to maintain it. The stiffening of the heart muscles and vessels can lead to reduction or stopping of blood flow through the heart, which can in turn lead to less blood flowing to the other organs.

Our habits, lifestyle, addictions etc are detrimental to the heart’s health. The rate at which they effect the heart is humongous.
So, what are some ways that can help reduce the risk of heart attacks in middle ages adults.
Let’s have a look.

Smoking can be left anytime
The age old theory that leaving smoking in mid age is too late is now a proven myth.
Smoking coats up the arteries, increases the chance of a blood clot, and makes you prone to high blood pressure.
And smoking can be left at any age, after as many number years of being addicted to it.
Yes, the benefit is higher if you are younger, but the improvement definitely comes in. Once you stop smoking, the excess risk of death due to smoking drops down. Even people who stop smoking in their 60s and 70s can eventually benefit, though the age group of 30-40 gets maximum advantage.

Right exercise works wonders
Most people are focused on calculating the number of calories burnt during a workout, whereas the idea is to strengthen the body. The kind of exercise that a person does – balance of cardio, fitness and stamina is the core.
Health expert’s advice a build-up of 30 minutes, five times a week. When you exercise, you reset your baseline metabolic rate. This works positively on the body.

Don’t give up. Ever!
Sometimes plans don’t work. Don’t be disheartened, dismayed and demotivated. You haven’t failed. You don’t lose the benefits of exercise by stopping for a short time. Get back to the routine. Doing a little bit of exercise is better than nothing at all.

Diet control
This doesn’t mean you go on a diet all the time. This just means get into the habit of balancing your diet. Your everyday food should be a good and healthy mix of carbs, protein, salt etc. Avoid excess of all of these. Health experts suggest middle aged people to be wary of their salt intake. For e.g. Commercial bread is a big source of salt intake. Regulate that. Get herbs, organics and clean vegetables in your diet.
Eat smaller plates and DON’T skip breakfast. It is essential.

So, cut down on high-fat foods, eat more fibre and get five fruits and veggie a day in your diet. This can help reduce the chances of a stroke.

Drinking needs to be spread out
Binge drinking can cause a surge in blood pressure that greatly increase a stroke risk. The thing to remember here is not to drink in one go but to split it in days over a week. Always make sure you hydrate before you start drinking so you’re not drinking to quench your thirst. Start off with water.

Middle aged people should monitor blood pressure
After a certain age and if there is a history in the family, regular check-ups are important. Either go to a GP regularly or monitor at home through a commercial BP machine.
BP is the biggest source of a stroke.

Seek help for stress
Mental health conditions are critical to a heart attack and should never be ignored. People with depression are about twice as likely to have a stroke. Seek professional help and make the changes to your lifestyle and mental makeup.

Heart issues are serious conditions and should never be ignored.


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