Check out the new look of OnePlus 6T

Check out the new look of OnePlus 6T
Check out the new look of OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T is all set to launch with its new screen design. The earlier wider and boat-shaped notch is being replaced with a tiny waterdrop notch. According to reports, some fresh images of the model were leaked out which show exactly how the new notch will look.

The phone does not look any different from the back from the earlier OnePlus 6, however, if zoom in carefully, you can see the phone is without the rear-facing fingerprint sensor.

According to some hints and reports, the new design will have an in-screen fingerprint sensor, through which one will be able to unlock the phone by tapping on the screen. The front of the phone is actually what boasts of the major changes.

Besides these two features which are the new screen design and slimmer look, in terms of the battery backup and camera features as well, you can expect an improvement. The OnePlus 6T will be backed with a 3700mAh battery as compared to 3300mAh battery in OnePlus 6.


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