Did you know Jack Sparrow’s character is inspired by Lord Krishna?

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Did you know Jack Sparrow's character is inspired by lord Krishna?

Have you ever wondered from whom or where the character of Jack Sparrow was inspired? Soon after comparisons of ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ with ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’, reports surfaced that Ted Elliot, one of the writers of the popular Hollywood franchise, recently revealed that Jack Sparrow’s character played by Johnny Depp was inspired by the Hindu Deity Lord Krishna.

He has reportedly said, “The characterisation of Sparrow is based on Lord Krishna who is a major deity in Hinduism. While writing the character sketch of Jack Sparrow, we referred to the description of Lord Krishna, various shades of the Almighty, which helped us a lot in making the whole character of Jack Sparrow into existence.”

Post this revelation, Twitterati has been overwhelmed. Son after this revelation, #JackSparrowIsKrishna started to trend on Twitter and here are some of the hilarious reactions by netizens:

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While a few similarities can surely be drawn from both Jack Sparrow and Lord Krishna. In the film, Jack Sparrow can be treacherous and survives mostly by using wit, rather than by force. Similarly, Lord Krishna is also known to have defeated his enemies with his wit and bravery. Another point of similarity is, of course, Jack Sparrow’s addiction to alcohol, he is repeatedly heard saying ‘Where is the rum gone’, this could be an inspiration from Lord Krishna’s obsession with ‘makhan’.


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