Mother in Noida kills 3-month-old daughter, gets life-term

Mother in Noida kills 3-month-old daughter, gets life-term
Mother in Noida kills 3-month-old daughter, gets life-term

Life-imprisonment was given to a woman in Greater Noida by the District Court on Wednesday for allegedly murdering her 3-month-old daughter. According to the family members, the girl died by falling from her cot. The woman was found guilty from the report of the postmortem and situational evidences.

The complaint was filed by the accused, Farzana’s husband, Irshad, residing in Nai Abadi, Greater Noida. On October 5 2015, an FIR was lodged that stated that Irshad lives with his wife in a room of his parents’ terrace.

They had a daughter who was 3-months old and had named her Kasifa. Farzana and Kasifa were in the room and Irshad was with his parents downstairs when suddenly Farzana rushed to them and told them that their daughter was no more. He also said that she was absolutely fine before he went downstairs, and wanter further investigation and a legal action as he could not find the reason honest enough.

The body of the girl was sent for a postmortem and according to that report, the cause of the death was a result of smothering. Three days later, a murder case was registered under the IPC section 302 against Farzana along with a chargesheet.

In between the trial, around ten witnesses were brought before the court. Out of all of them, six from Irshad’s family said that the child died of a fall from the cot. However, the autopsy report done by a doctor from the district hospital stated that the cause of the death was smothering. There were other contradictory statements produced before the court as well that included the statements by the accused.

All the explanations given by Farzana turned out to be false, and till date, no known cause has been identified for the murder.




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