Ajay Devgn’s ‘number’ prank backfires, Kajol says ‘No Entry at home’

After Ajay Devgn posted Kajol’s mobile number on Twitter, fans flooded Twitter with lots and lots of memes and people even tried to call her and message her and posted the results on Twitter. After few hours, Ajay Devgn tweeted about how he made a fool of everybody and played a prank on them.

To which an amused Kajol replied, “Looks like your pranks are out of the studios now… But there is No Entry for them at home!” While Ajay will be busy managing his “home situation”, Twitter is having a field day sharing jokes and memes about the situation.

People posted the best of the memes on their Twitter account and Ajay Devgn being the cool guy retweeted all the funny memes and people :

It is not clear whether the number shared by Ajay indeed belonged to Kajol. Twitter had removed a post from director Anurag Kashyap after he shared contact details of the producer of Manmarziyaan.



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