A Delhi boy reunited with family after 9 years in Gurugram

A Delhi boy reunited with family after 9 years in Gurugram
A Delhi boy reunited with family after 9 years in Gurugram

A boy who was missing from Chattarpur in South Delhi from the age of 6 years was finally spotted in Gurugram on Tuesday evening and now he is with his family. During these nine years, the parents went through a lot of pain, despair, and grief, but not it seems that everything will be fine.

The boy named Hassan Ali was living in Gurugram in a child care institute from the time he got separated from the parents in March 2009. He had given up the hope of finding them until he went on a trip to an amusement park with a bunch of 100 people from CCI.

On July 22, Hassan with his other companions was going to Sonepat to an amusement park. Enroute, they reached Chattarpur and Ali immediately told the coordinator of the institute, Aashique Ali that he had seen the area before and had visited it several times with his family.

While they were returning from the park in the evening, Ashique got off the bus along with Hassan Ali in an attempt to reunite Ali with his family. They kept walking all over the area but could not get any help. They went back to the institute, however, kept visiting Chattarpur regularly.

In Chattarpur, Ali had gone missing from a playground and as per assumptions, he ran away from the madrasa where he was studying. The two did not know that the family had shifted to a village named Dharuhera which was 60 kilometres away from Chattarpur.

In the last week of July, they saw a few kids playing in a small playground and asked those kids for any madrasa around the area. They both were escorted by the boys to the madrasa where the Maulvi met Hassan and immediately recognised him. He immediately pulled out his mobile phone to inform his grandfather about him meeting Ali.

Ali was then taken to his grandfather, however, due to some family dispute, the parents were not in contact with his grandfather for quite some time. On Monday evening, after some while of searching, one of the relatives spotted Ali’s parents in Dharuhera and informed them about their son being found. The parents happily rushed to Gurugram and met their son at CCI. Now the family lives together happily again.


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