Trust, talk and tackle; 6 ways to ensure long term success in a relationship

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For any relationship to be successful, trust needs to be there between the people involved. It is one of the most important components that defines the success of any relationship. If trust gets broken, the affiliation can be severely damaged and injured.
On the contrary, if people are able to establish trust early on, not only does it exude confidence, genuineness and friendship but the chances of committing mistakes comes down drastically.

However, trust doesn’t develop on its own. Both partners need to put in serious efforts to cultivate it over a period of time.
Much has been spoken about this. Research, thesis after thesis has been written to discuss the prospects of an engaging relationship. Ultimately, it is a mix of certain basic ingredients that define the conviction a successful relationship has.

Associations, after all, require constant nurturing and engagement. It isn’t a one-day affair.

Give and take –
Relationships are not just about taking but giving also. Time, effort, thought needs to go, in ensuring long term success. Each person is unique with varying personalities. They are independent in thought and action. For a relationship to work successfully, it has to be a balance of both.

Talking helps –
People who do not communicate enough, always have understanding problems. Discussions help in honest exchange of ideas and views. It helps them remain in touch with each other’s needs. Communication also means to be respectful, courteous, mindful yet assertive.

Prioritise the relationship –
Giving weightage to the ‘WE’ in a relationship rather than the ‘I’, is essential. If each person in the relationship considers and attends to the other person’s needs, both will feel respected and cared for.
This doesn’t mean that you compromise. This helps you leverage understanding and move ahead in a balanced manner.

Being friends works –
This is the start of a healthy future together. Be friends first, than a couple. Nurture and nourish the connect that you have for each other. Emotional compatibility is an important pillar in strengthening and building trust.

Set boundaries –
Know the limits. It is essential to have clear cut understanding of boundaries. These are set rules that define and outline level of responsibilities and personal commitment. It is important to set clear boundaries for yourself and your partner. These empower you positively.

Find solutions to challenges –
It is normal to have arguments and make mistakes in a relationship. But not being able to find solutions is the bigger challenge.
Hard situations occur every now and then. Finding solutions which work for both, helps in repairing the issue. Use humour, give the ego up, say sorry and validate your partners feelings and emotions.

Another important pillar is appreciating the efforts of your partner. Knowing that the other person cares for you and appreciates everything that you do, always motivates.

Building trust is a tremendous task. Continuous efforts can result in a happy and long-term friendship, which is the foundation for a happy relationship.


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