The largest ski resort in the world to have an ice hotel

The largest ski resort in the world to have an ice hotel

Shanghai is soon expected to have the world’s largest ski resort which would make it possible for travellers to enjoy the chills of the winter spell inside the resort.

The resort named Wintastar will be sprawling across 1 million square feet where visitors can experience the perfect ski facilities in the ideal weather conditions all around the year.

The resort will also have an on-site ice hotel where visitors can book a room and stay if they wish to besides three other hotels within the resort as well. The hotels would offer unique experiences such as ski-in/ski-out lodging or ski entertainment.

Guests visiting Wintastar can enjoy the world-class services such as winter sports competitions, ice sculpture shows, theatres, concerts, and cinematic displays. Restaurants and shops will also be a part of the resort for guests.

Although the date for the completion of the resort has not yet been declared, the construction has begun and it seems likely for the project to be completed before the 2022 Olympics Winter Games to be held in Beijing.

The resort in Shanghai is expected to be three times larger than Ski Dubai, which was the first ski resort in the world built in 2005, in the UAE.


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