Gunman shoots six people including his wife, himself in US

Four killed in mass shooting in East Canada, says police

A gunman killed five people, including his wife and then shot himself, authorities said. There is no confirmation yet why the gunman shot people and himself at a home and a business in Bakersfield, which is in north of Los Angeles.

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“Obviously, these are not random shootings,” Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood told KERO-TV. Six people died in a short amount of time, he added.  “The suspect, the husband, shot the person at the trucking company and then turned and shot his wife,” then chased and shot another man who showed up, Youngblood said.

The gunman then went to his home and shot two people there. After that he carjacked a woman who was driving with a child, who escaped but a sheriff’s deputy saw him and when he stopped him on gunpoint he shot himself.

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Almost 30 people were eyewitness and has been investigated by the police. The investigation is still onto find the reason behind the killings.


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