Monitor child’s online activity, says govt advisory on momo challenge

The government issued a advisory against the ‘Momo challenge’ and asked the parents to monitor their children’s online and social media activity to ensure they are not engaging in the game.

The ministry, on Tuesday, also highlighted indications that a child might be engaged in the game and asked the parents to ‘keep their eyes open’.

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Parents were advised not to mention the Momo challenge to the child unless the child already knew about it.

It also asked parents to remain alert if there is a sudden increase in new phone numbers and email contacts in their device.

“Monitor your children’s online and social media activity to ensure they are not engaging with this challenge. Parents should take reports from child counsellor present in the school at regular intervals,” it read.

A good cyber or mobile parenting software is also advised to be installed which helps the parents in monitoring children.

The ‘Momo Challenge’ is an online dare-game which reportedly started on Facebook and involves assigning and completing a series of daring tasks, with the last being a challenge to commit suicide. The the image of a horror artwork induces curiosity among children, challenging them to communicate with an unknown number.

The account appears to be connected to three numbers in Japan.  If a user refuses to follow the game’s orders, Momo threatens them with violent images.

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