This autumn, head to these countries to enjoy the Colours of Fall

This autumn, head to these countries to enjoy the Colours of Fall

This is just the season where one would require a cosy sweater and sip on pumpkin spiced latte. The icing on the cake is to travel and discover new destinations in the full peak fall foliage mode.

This is the time when the colours of the leaves change and fall, and splendid views can be enjoyed in full swing. In the world, there are a number of countries that showcase exemplary sceneries, festivals, and lip-smacking grubs during this season from September to November.

So, here are the top 7 places to visit in the world this fall.


In spite of the windy climate, you would fall in love with this country in during autumn for it being painted orange. The views of fall in Denmark are spell-binding for its vibrancy and frenzy. This is the harvest season in Denmark and the food that you eat tastes absolutely fresh and delicious. If you can plan your trip in time, you can also participate in the Kulturnatten festival here.


Be the lucky one to visit Scotland in October to witness the mesmerizing fall colours at their best. During fall, sighting the wildlife of the country could also be a sight to watch as they can be seen happily roaming on the streets or in parks. You can relish the best oysters and shellfish along with the desserts and jams during this season in Scotland.


If you plan to visit Canada this fall, the Rocky Mountain could blow your mind away. The ideal weather and magnificent mountains boast some beautiful colours of the fall. Toronto could be a part of the itinerary for the blissful surroundings and scenic beauty. Trails of Eastern Canada should not be missed for the spectacular sights.


The land of waterfalls attracts a huge number of tourists across the globe during fall. The Lava Falls in West Iceland is a spectacle that is difficult to sight too often. You can see the water flowing down the rocks of the lava falls, and in autumn, the falls can be watched that are surrounded by the lush foliage.


The jaw-dropping sceneries of the waterfalls and leaf-laden trees of Croatia are captivated by tourists in fall. Besides the sights, the hiking trails could be on your bucket list when visiting Croatia keeping the enchanting weather. Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the spots that should be considered in Croatia.



The fall views in Japan are at the best in autumn with splendid walking trails and temples. The fall season is the second-best time to visit in Japan. The cuisine of the country also serves some mind-boggling culinary options suites for the season such as the Matsutake Mushroom Soup and the pumpkin croquettes. Another tempting reason to visit Japan during this time is the comparatively lower travel cost.


Known for the stunning landscapes, it is no surprise that Switzerland is perfect for visiting in fall. The harvest range in Switzerland is quite broad and you can indulge in the truffles, walnuts, chestnuts, and pumpkins. From mid-September, some lovely fairs are hosted in the country that showcases artisan products and local delicacies.


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