IIT-BHU has NOT introduced an ‘Adarsh Bahu’ course

Several reports are making rounds on social media which claim that IIT-BHU is introducing a three-month course for becoming an ‘Adarsh Bahu’ (ideal daughter-in-law) which went viral. However, we can confirm that it was a fake news.

Interestingly, several mainstream media outlets covered the news without verifying the story. NM Fact Checker fact-checked this and this is what we found.

The Fake News

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Following the claims which went viral, we checked the official records from the institution. IIT-BHU denied the reports terming it ‘misleading’. In a statement, the institute has said that they do not offer any course/training programme entitled “Daughter’s Pride – Beti Mera Abhiman” or an “Adarsh Bahu”, which teaches the ‘young girls’ to tackle with their future husband or in-laws.

Dr SP Mathur, Registrar of the Institute, said that no such training or course is available or planned in the IIT-BHU on any such topic. As per some reports, the institute in alliance with a start-up, Young Skilled India is launching such programmes that are meant to train unmarried women as ideal daughters-in-law.

What also helped us bust the fake news was that notable IIT-BHU alumni and CEO of MyGov, Arvind Gupta, also tweeted rubbishing the claims terming it as a Fake News.

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