Nine in ten people get more tasks done when travelling for business

Nine of ten people feel motivated to get more work done when travelling for business, according to a survey. Moreover, 91% of professionals in India use business travel as a time to re-energise both professionally and personally as they make most of the travel time and appreciate on-the-road perks, it revealed.

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Thriving in a fast-paced, competitive business environment, 95% of Indian business travellers are motivated to advance their career and most take business travel very seriously, revealed the Business Traveler Survey conducted online by The Harris Poll for the Hyatt Place.

About 72% of Indian business travellers feel pressured to work longer hours when travelling for business, and 90% feel motivated to get more work done when travelling for business.

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The respondents consisted of more than 1,300 adults across India, United States and China who have travelled for business in the last 12 months (international business travellers). The aim of the survey was to understand what motivates the frequent flyers, what they learn during their travels and how business travel can deliver both personal and professional growth on the road. It also sheds light on the evolving preferences and behaviors of modern business travellers in India.

Key findings of the survey

  • About 90% of say business travel has taught them skills they can use to solve challenges in their personal life.
  • When planning personal travel, 76% make use of shortcuts learnt on business travel.
  • About 95% say business travel helps them to communicate successfully with different types of people.
  • 41% say they exercise about the same, or more, when on the road for business than they do at home.
  • They ensure they are re-energised with 61% of travellers exploring the region by experiencing the local cuisine and 33% by binge watching TV.
  • The takeaway for the hospitality industry is that hotels should make it a priority to ensure provision of facilities that uplift guests’ professional as well as personal experiences.


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