UK charity to help the unemployed dress up for interview success

Job interviews can be extremely terrifying for anyone. We all want to make a good first impression. This involves dressing well, and looking hygienic and well groomed. Now imagine how hard it must be for a homeless, unemployed person who is unable to even buy proper work attire for his new job interview?

Well, now there’s a charity that’s stepped in to help. In a remarkable gesture of goodwill, a charity in Sheffield, UK, called ‘The Suit Works’ has set up a service to help prepare unemployed men for their job interview by providing free suits, shirts ties, shoes, and socks in order to help them make a good first impression. This includes a proper fitting and styling service as well.

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Founder Vanda Kewley was able to set up her charity with support from local businesses- a retail company called Slaters Menswear donated 120 new suits, and Goodman Sparks, another local business, offered to do the dry cleaning.

Her clientele includes homeless and jobless people from surrounding towns and villages, as well as former soldiers, ex convicts, and substance abusers. “Quite often, the young guys have never worn smart clothing before,” she said, in an interview with a local news reporter. “They have no idea where to wear their trousers or how to tie a tie. I measure and dress them in front of a mirror, so they can watch the transformation and see themselves in a different light.”

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Her charity has been very successful. She reported that 60% of the people she helped were able to secure jobs for themselves. “It’s such a simple thing to do, but it has such a profound impact,” said Kewley. “I’ve reduced a few clients to tears – I’m having to toughen up a bit myself.”

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