Holiday confusion? Read to decide which travel theme works best for you

Holiday confusion? Read to decide which travel theme works best for you
Holiday confusion? Read to decide which travel theme works best for you

Travelling worldwide is not actually difficult; in fact, it is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. It could be spending a few days, weeks, months, or some years, travelling is important and needed by everyone. However, if we talk about the type of holidays, it depends on a traveller’s choice. For some, solo travel might be preferred while some may like travelling in groups or with their partners. So, here is a list of the types of travel one usually makes along with suggestions for destinations to pick basis the type of travel.

Business Travel

For a business travel, the sole purpose of travelling would be official as compared to leisure or regular travel. While on a business trip, a person requires professional and elegant stuff in their luggage that would be ideal for business meetings, events, or conferences. Some destinations where one would usually or could ideally plan business trips include Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Mexico, Turkey, New York, Dublin, London, or San Francisco since these places host some of the best annual business shows and events. Hence, for traders and merchants, business opportunities here are plenty.

Solo Travel

Travelling alone means that you need a significant chunk of time all by yourself. Travelling solo is quite common now where most of the solo travellers end up meeting other solo travellers at bars, hostels, planned tours. For travelling alone, one needs light bag packs. Best destinations for solo travellers include Sevilla, Barcelona, and Malaga in Spain, Cape Town in South Africa, Berlin in Germany, Taipei in Taiwan, Bourdain or Paris in France, and Montreal in Canada. In India, one can consider Puducherry, Rishikesh, and Manali. If we talk about safety, both women and men are safe in these places and solo travel hostels and homestays are easy to find for accommodation.

Travel with buddies

When travelling with pals, every memory becomes priceless and forms unforgettable experiences. Exploring a new country, handling fears together, and identifying new goals enhances relationships. This journey should be added to the top of your travel bucket list if you need friends in your life as much as you need your family. Places to travel with friends to include Amsterdam, Vietnam, Colombia, Bali, Thailand, and Croatia. In India, best options are Kasol, Andaman, Goa, Gokarna, Hampi, and Khandala where there would be no one to stop you from having fun in whatever capacity you want. Booking villas and farm stays could be great accommodation options if you are heading to these locations.

Travel with family

Travelling with family is a completely different type of holiday and is essential for strengthening bonds between family members. So, just because you have had and kids, it does not mean that you cannot head out for a vacation with them. They long for special time with you as much as you do. If you are travelling as a family, you can go to Greece, Scotland, Italy, Singapore, Paris, Portugal, and Australia and in India, you can visit Rajasthan, Agra, Kashmir, North East, Coorg, Jim Corbett National Park, Haridwar, and Banaras.


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