Buddhist monk in Bihar arrested for sexually assaulting children

A Buddhist monk on Wednesday was taken into custody for allegedly sexually abusing fifteen children of Assam who were studying at the Bodh Gaya’s Prajna Jyoti Buddhist School and Meditation Centre.

On being abused, the kids complained about the incident to their guardians and besides only being abused sexually, they were also tortured while they were at the school. The complaint was noted by DSP Rajkumar Shah who said that the investigations are on and a relevant action will be taken against the convict.

This incident has been reported at the time when the government of Bihar is being questioned and condemned by the opposition parties over the buzzing number of sexual abuse cases in Bihar.

It seems that this crime is not just prevalent in India, but, worldwide as well as cases have been reported. One such case was of the Pope of the Vatican city, Pope Francis who was held for assaulting females under religious piety.


(With inputs from ANI)


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