If you wear contact lenses, here are some makeup rules to follow

If you wear contact lenses, here are some makeup rules to follow
If you wear contact lenses, here are some makeup rules to follow

For beautiful women, a just a tad bit of makeup is required to enhance the beauty. If you have been feeling all this while that with contact lenses makeup is difficult, it is not true. So, there is no excuse to stay away from makeup even you wear contact lenses, however, some rules need to be followed when applying makeup.

No oil-based makeup

The first rule of applying makeup if washing your hands nicely to irritation in the eyes. It is also a good idea to invest in an oil-free foundation, eyeshadow and a smudge-proof kohl pencil. Instead of the liquid eyeliner, you could go for the gel eyeliners. The best type of foundation to use would be that which is water based.

Go for daily wear lenses

If you are planning to re-wear your lenses after applying makeup it might not be a good idea. It can prove to be harmful to the eyes. It is, however, a good idea to purchase daily wear lenses that you can wear once and then dispose of.

Wear lenses before applying makeup

A lot of people wear lenses after applying makeup which results in eyes getting watery and eye-makeup getting smudged. Even if you apply moisturiser before applying makeup, the residue on the fingertips can come in contact with your eyes resulting in redness and irritation in the eyes.

Know the knack applying the eyeliner

If you plan to wear lenses, avoid applying the eyeliner between the lashes and the eye waterline. The correct way to apply an eyeliner is to apply it to the portion of the lashes that is not very close to the eyes. This will prevent the eyes from getting watery.

Purchase the right mascara

Purchasing the right mascara is very important for the perfect makeup if you wear lenses. A fibre-based mascara could irritate the eyes if its particles fall into the eyes. Buy a water-based thin mascara and remember that you should apply just one coat to avoid the cakey texture on the eye lashes.


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