Want to solve the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube? Head to this country

World's largest Rubik's Cube unveiled in Canada

If you want to solve the world’s largest rubik’s cube, head to Canada. A science museum in Calgary has unveiled a giant working Rubik’s cube that officials believe to be a Guinness World Record breaker.

The Telus Spark science museum in Calgary unveiled the Rubik’s cube on Wednesday measuring 5 feet, 6.25 inches tall, beating the Guinness record-holding British cube by just over 4 inches.


Wes Nelson, an exhibit technician at the museum, created the cube in honor of puzzle inventor Erno Rubik’s birthday.

He said the exhibit was originally going to be a small plywood cube that would not function.

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“Of course, I said, There’s no way we’re doing that. If we’re doing it, we’re gonna make an actual, functioning Rubik’s cube,'” Nelson told CBC News.

He sad it took about five weeks to build the giant cube out of Styrofoam, cardboard, pipe and vinyl.

“We spent one night smearing lubricant into the interior surfaces of this thing to make sure that it spins,” Nelson told the Calgary Herald.

The museum is now working to get the new record certified by Guinness.

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