This start up has added value to Mayonnaise

This start up has added value to Mayonnaise
This start up has added value to Mayonnaise

After a series of controversies and a long wait of six years, Just Inc. has finally launched its signature product. The company based out of Silicon Valley started in the year 2011 and the plans to launch this new product were on since then.

The company known for its mayonnaise and vegan cookie dough has introduced its vegan scrambled egg and this product can also be purchased from retail stores. The aim of the company is to revolutionize the way we eat. They have swapped animal products with plant-based products.

The product named Just Egg can be found at stores such as Gelson’s, Safeway, and a number of Midwestern chains. The whole process of releasing the manufacturing and releasing the product, however, took really long and the journey of its release was rather hard.

Initially, the CEO of the company hoped to launch the product in a lesser time, however, every time a new recipe was invented for the eggless egg, an ingredient was missing from it that made the taste differ from that incepted.

The company had to face severe controversies and allegations that included people saying that the company bought their own products to boost the sales. However, the company managed to launch some other products such as mayonnaise, vegan cookie dough, and salad dressing within the duration of six years.

Pea protein is the ingredient used by the company for their products along with sorghum. For the Just Egg, mung beans are used for the smooth liquidy texture.


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