Humour compatibility is important in relationships

Humour compatibility is important in relationships
Humour compatibility is important in relationships

It is true that laughter is important for a healthy life. In a relationship, if there is no laughter, life would become boring. A good sense of humour is needed in at least one of the spouses if not both.

It is although possible that at times the jokes and one-liners by the partners may not be as amusing, lack of sense of humour can make it extremely hard to maintain a relationship.

At times, however, humour can also backfire. The man may be sarcastic while the woman could be using intended puns to depict her sense of humour. Even if both have a different sense of humour, it might be difficult for them to understand each other and land up arguing.

A good sense of humour in a partner needs to be supported with the right appreciation. If the partner negates every joke of the other, it can again lead to problems where the partner could feel insulted or humiliated.

Partners also sometimes use humour to pass on remarks or express themselves indirectly through jokes and sarcasm of which nagging is a part. According to you, it may be a joke on your partner, but your partner might consider it as being derogatory.

The important things to note in a healthy relationship in terms of the humour quotient between a couple include the kinds of jokes, each other’s company, laughing together or at each other, using humour to criticise each other, watching the same comedy shows and films, and laughing at the same jokes.




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