‘Modern girl is a self-centered creature,’ says school text book

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A Facebook post, that has gone viral, revealed the archaic and sexist values, ideas and beliefs being taught to students in the country. Abhik Hazra, a Facebook user, shared screenshots of his 16 year old cousins school textbook, titled “Current School Essays and Letters”, which had some seriously controversial and sexist subject matter.

The textbook, intended for students in the ICSE and CBSE school students, depicted the ‘modern’ girl as being ‘a self-centred creature, who is too selfish to think about others. Only latest fashions and cosmetics are very dear to her.’


The textbook then goes on to give guidelines to parents on how they should raise and educate their daughters: “It is true that the parents are partly responsible for the self-centered nature of their daughters. A girl child should be guided how to behave at home.”

Twitter users, activists, and feminists were aghast at the language used in the textbook, calling for it to be removed from school syllabus.

Such ideas and values misguide the youth to believe that a woman must be subservient, humble, and naive. Women must not be criticized for being independent and fearless. Instead, our schools should aim to further empower girls to follow their dreams.

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