McLaren to step into the EV squad by 2025

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McLaren step into the EV squad by 2025

McLaren Automotive will step into the EV squad by 2025. The British car manufacturer was quoted in a report revealing that the company will adhere to the progressive demand of the market.

The decision to transform its powertrain comes due to the changing emission norms across the world which are rapidly becoming stringent. A good example would be the high-output V8 engines that fell prey to the norms in many countries.

In the interview, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt talked about the company’s inability to expand in China which otherwise could majorly contribute to its sales. Flewitt, claims that China being ‘very aggressive’ about its emission standards have prevented the sale of McLaren cars in the country. Thus like China, other country’s who have brought or are planning to bring about stringent emission norms will compel the company to switch to EV anyway.

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Flewitt clarified that the plans to make an apt EV will not be completed before 2025. Adding to which, the company CEO also stated that lower emission is not the only goal that the company is trying to achieve, rather “it’ll be a better sports car”. The company aims at making a car that would do 30 minutes on the track on a single charge.

Apart from its plans of powertrain transformation, Flewitt set the record straight by stating that the company has no plans to step into the SUV segment as it was not ‘what McLaren does’. Adding to which he stated that the company does not possess the technology required to manufacture an SUV.

US President Donald Trump who slowly became a prey to mass outrage due to his illicit tariffs imposed on different countries has also worried the British manufacturer. He stated that the in the initial phase, the company would be compelled to bear a drop in profits and that some of the price increase will eventually flow through consumers.

On the other hand, Flewitt also talked about its flourishing sales in Asia (except China). He stated that countries like Taiwan and Korea are one of McLaren’s best markets. Highlighting about its future plans in the India and Russia, the CEO said that they were still studying the market for possible expansion.

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