NYU offers free tuition for all medical students

NYU offers free tuition for all medical students
NYU offers free tuition for all medical students

The New York University is offering free tuition to all medical students through its scholarship scheme. All the students who have taken admission in the MD degree course at the New York University are automatically qualified for this scholarship, irrespective of the financial stability and performance at college.

Under the scheme, the entire education fee will be borne by the university which is about $55,018. There are two options in courses for the students to choose from, one is the four-year MD programme while the other is an advanced three-year degree.

Among all medical schools, the NYU Medical School is ranked among the first-ten to offer free education. At present, there are 450 students have have already got admission for the programme of which 102 are entering the college this year.

The scholarship ceremony will take place at Thursday’s white coat and from then the programme for the students will commence. Since the cost of education in a medical school is expensive, many students fret from applying to them.

A huge percentage of students fall under debt every year including 2017. In 2017, about 75 per cent of the students fell under the debt amount of $191,000. Due to this debt, many students also find it tough to choose the field to opt for especially the speciality students.

According to reports from school officials, the process of scholarship for medical students has been under planning and implementation since eleven years and finally, it is becoming a reality.

This scholarship cost will only take care of the tuition, and the rest of the expenses that include accommodation and other living expenses will need to be managed by the students and their families themselves.



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