India’s first penguin born at Mumbai zoo

India’s first baby penguin took its first breath at 8 pm on August 15 at Byculla Zoo.

It weighed 75 gm and was reported to be healthy. The average weight of a healthy newborn penguin is 60-80 gm. The zoo will conduct a DNA test to determine its sex.

On Thursday, the baby ate the same seafood as the parents, who regurgitate and feed it the slurry. The chick’s eyes have not fully opened, and it was in a prone position. It would be up on its feet only after a week. It can swim only after a few months from now.

The zoo, which is usually closed on Wednesday, remained open on August 15 on the occasion of Independence Day. A team of doctors continuously monitored the egg said that they have also been in touch with their counterparts abroad.

According to reports, the baby penguin will be closely monitored for at least three months. “For three months, the parents will take care of the baby and provide food. After three months, they are stronger and can take care of themselves. Only then can they be brought out to be exhibited,” said the team member.

Dr. Madhumita Kale, Head Veterinarian at the zoo and in charge of the penguins, said: “They can be born anytime this week. The penguins are first-time parents and it is possible that there may not be a chick in the egg. We will have to wait and see.” Eight penguins — Donald, Daisy, Popeye, Olive, Flipper (oldest female), Bubble, Mr. Molt (youngest male) and Dory — were brought from Seoul to the zoo. Dory had died a few months later in October 2016 due to bacterial infection.


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