NewsMobile Independence Day Special tribute with A&M studio

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In our present context, what does 'independence' mean to us? A reality check

New Delhi: As India celebrates 72-years of Independence on Wednesday, A&M studios and NewsMobile joined hands to promote young talent and this song is one of the many new ideas that will come up.

The magical voice is of a 17 years old boy who has been winning hearts at each and every performance. With a soul-stirring voice, Rishabh entwines folk and Bollywood Sufi to create a beautiful and mesmerizing medley that enthrals audiences and gets them tapping their foot and singing along.

A&M Studio dedicates itself to finding the raw untapped talent amid the demanding professional lives of adept singers, who are unable to harness their talent – because of job pressures, or other challenges – and get restricted to bathroom singing only.

Founded by Mumbai-based corporate honcho-turned entrepreneur Manpreet Singh Kochar, the studio aims to bring out real raw talent and encourage any unfair biases that may exist in the music fraternity.

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